Commercial Auto Insurance North Las Vegas

instant-quoteWe understand businesses!  Getting the right coverage for commercial auto insurance in Las Vegas is essential for your option. The right coverage and combine both trucks, cars, drivers and some type of motorized equipment. Additionally, the coverage can help cover bodily injury liability and property damage while operating a company automobile, medical payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for the driver and passengers of the policyholder’s car. In case of injuries or damage to someone else, the right policy can help cover the liability.

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Auto Liability

How are you currently operating? Are you renting a vehicle or do you have you employees use per personal vehicle? Based on how you operative, the right coverage can help you get cover for various liabilities. For a nominal fee, you can help get the right coverage so you and your employees are protected from liabilities.

Do you use your own vehicle for your business?

Did you know that based on your insurance policy, you may not be covered for damages to your personal vehicle even if you use your vehicle for business? This also includes home cosmetics, jewelry sales or a pizza delivery business?

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